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About Laser Tag Zombie apocalypses scenario


- Minimum number of players — 10 persons
- Average game time — 8 minutes
- Difficulty — Average
- Dynamics — high

Scenario content:

- Players are divided into 2 teams — Zombie and Soldiers (Zombies team can have fewer players or even one player but with increased hitpoints).
- After that, players go to their start positions and game managers start the game that is played as Deathmatch.
- The essence of this scenario is that all killed players from Soldier team are automatically reborn as Zombies after a preset number of seconds and begin play for Zombies team. 
- If Solder kills Zombie than Zombie player goes out of the game.

The winner:

- Soldiers team goal — is focalize Zombie infection by killing all monsters on the game field.
- Zombie team goal – kill all live players and turn them into Zombie.


Infection takes place when Zombie kills Soldier player.

The gun of Zombie player makes a sound of zombie growl after the certain periods of time. So. Solders can hear zombies at close ranges. 

It is one the most popular scenarios for children. 

In Zombie mode player has a low rate of fire and increased hitpoints.  

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